Public Safety

  1. Alarms

    Cordillera offers guidance on the installation, operation and maintenance of a variety of alarm systems.

  2. Dog & Pet Policy

    Responsible pet owners have a duty to ensure that their pets do not negatively affect neighbors or wildlife.

  3. Fire Protection Systems

    Public Safety receives many calls from property owners seeking clarification regarding the requirements for of their fire protection systems. Guidance is offered on the installation, operation and maintenance of a variety of alarm systems.

  4. Gate Access

    Cordillera gatehouses have two entry lanes and one exit lane. The right entry lane at the gatehouses is for property owners with electronic devices called transponders.

  5. Open House Sign Policy

    The Cordillera Property Owner’s Association (CPOA) recognizes the necessity of signage in order to assist property owners and the real estate community in selling real estate. Therefore, the CPOA has established a sign policy that allows signage yet controls the number and the appearance of the signs.

  6. Parking - On Street

    The Cordillera Metro District (CMD) has established guidelines to ensure safe and adequate passage on district roads.

  7. Road Impact Fees

    CMD maintains approximately 40 miles of roads in Cordillera. Many of these roads have failed prematurely. A significant portion of the failure has been attributed to the volume of truck traffic for new construction, especially truck traffic in the spring when the ground thaws.

  8. RV & Trailer Storage

    Cordillera’s PUD and Design Guidelines require that recreational vehicles (RV) and trailers at residences be parked inside of garages with the doors closed.

  9. Speeding - Line of Sight

    While there are a variety of tools available to slow down traffic, including speed bumps, speed dips and local law enforcement, none of these tools are as good as the cooperation of the community using the roads.

  10. Transponder Application

    Print and fill out this form and return it to the community to gain access to the gates.

  11. Trash Removal

    The CPOA provides residential trash and recycling services to property owners.

  12. Vehicle Assistance

    CMD offers basic roadside assistance – shoveling assistance, rides to a safe location and a list of towing companies – for people needing help with their vehicles.

  13. Wildfire & Healthy Forests

    Learn how to create an evacuation plan for wildfires, and what the community is doing to keep the forests healthy.

  14. Wildlife

    Cordillera is home to abundant wildlife – a favorite draw for homeowners. Public Safety, in concert with the Division of Wildlife, monitors the wildlife that share the mountain with residents and helps keep them safe.