Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection Systems

Cordillera's design guidelines require that fire sprinkler systems be installed in each Cordillera residence. Additionally, fire code requires homes with fire sprinkler systems to have fire alarm systems. Monitored fire alarm systems can also monitor environmental conditions at your property such as temperature, humidity and water leaks. Cordillera suggests that homeowners utilize environmental monitoring by fire sprinkler system to protect their properties. Alarm systems should be checked annually to ensure that they function as designed and to minimize conditions for false alarms.

Freezing Pipes

Frozen and broken pipes, both in fire sprinkler systems and domestic water lines, account for a large amount of property damage in Cordillera. Annual inspections of the fire sprinkler system help ensure your system will function as designed and that the fluids in the pipes will not freeze.

Residential fire sprinkler systems contain glycol or glycerin to protect the pipes from freezing. Contact the local Fire Marshall at 970-949-5064 for information on allowable levels of antifreeze and to have your system checked.

Low/High Temperature Alarms

Devices can be installed to notify an owner if the temperature is too low or too high. During the winter, Public Safety will treat low temperature alarms as emergencies as this may indicate an issue with the heating system or an open window. Low temperature devices should be installed in the cooler areas of the residence.

Backflow Devices

Backflow devices are designed to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the domestic water system. Fire sprinkler and lawn sprinkler systems must have backflow devices that are tested annually, due to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements that have been delegated to state and local authorities. In Cordillera, the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District (ERWSD) is the authority charged with tracking compliance. Property owners who do not comply with this requirement can expect a letter, and possible action, from ERWSD.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) protect plumbing systems from water pressure surges that originate outside of the property. Properties that do not have PRVs can experience damage to appliances, faucets, hot water heaters and fire sprinkler heads from water pressure surges.

ERWSD requires that all water systems have PRVs. Some older Cordillera are not equipped with a PRV on the fire system. These systems should have a PRV installed.

It is recommended to have your PRV checked yearly by a licensed contractor to ensure the valve is working properly

Water Leaks & Water Flow

Several companies make systems to monitor water leaks or unusual water flows and, when activated, turn off the water. Most of these systems can be connected to the alarm system so that the property owner is notified when the system is activated. Manufacturers include Water Cop, FloLogic and Hydrocom.

Please contact Public Safety at 970-569-6261 for more information on fire safety and with questions on home protection systems.