Cordillera is home to abundant wildlife - a favorite draw for property owners. Public Safety, in concert with the Division of Wildlife, monitors the wildlife that share the mountain with residents and helps keep them safe. It also helps residents distance themselves from wildlife that may get too comfortable on patios.
  1. Black Bears

    Cordillera is prime bear habitat for black bears. Property owners should not be surprised to find bears roaming the woods near their homes. Preventing problems with bears is a community effort.

  2. Coyotes

    Coyotes are native to the western United States and Canada and are commonly seen in Cordillera. Coyotes are very territorial and may chase or kill other canines, including domestic dogs and fox.

  3. Mountain Lions

    Every summer, numerous mountain lion sightings are reported in Cordillera. As campers, hikers, and wildlife enthusiasts head into the wild property owners are reminded that this is lion country. Lions are at the top of the food chain and are deserving of the attention they receive.

  4. Mountain Pine Beetles

    The mountain pine beetle is a naturally occurring bark beetle whose history can be traced into the 1800s. Bark beetles tend to be specific to certain types of trees; the pine beetle is specific to Lodgepole pine and Ponderosa pine trees.