Community Center Planning

The CMD/CPOA boards unanimously decided to initiate a planning and development process and feasibility study for a centralized community center that would serve as a multiuse, focal point at the entrance of our community. We anticipate a robust, fast-paced and engaging process that builds on the strategic initiatives the boards and communities have developed previously and simultaneously anticipates the needs and interest of the current and new homeowners in Cordillera for generations to come. 

Potential objectives for a centralized community center include:

  • Increasing engagement and sense of community
  • Providing opportunities for socialization
  • Promoting health and wellness
  • Increasing real estate values and demand
  • Ensuring financial sustainability
  • Offering flexibility for future needs (youth engagement and activity; service and program changes)
  • Stewarding current assets and natural environment
  • Providing premier services
  • Maximizing location and proximity 
The boards and consultants look forward to having information and a conceptual design for the community to review and provide feedback in early July. As work progresses, email updates will be sent electronically in Cordillera Connection and can be found here. 
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to Rachel Oys and CMD and CPOA board members. Specific comments can be emailed to: