Summer Outdoor Action & Adventure

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Cordillera boasts 33 miles of summer hiking trails including 9.5 miles on the Divide, 14.6 miles on the Ranch and 9 miles at the Summit. Many of these trails adjoin and weave through the White River National Forest and Bureau of Land Management extending through thousands of acres of open space, native pine and aspen forests, sprawling meadows and crossing crystal-clear mountain streams. 

All trails are open for hiking and snowshoeing; some permit equestrian riding and mountain biking. Unauthorized motorized vehicles are not permitted on any trail. Trails are subject to closure for maintenance and wildlife protection.


Cordillera's meandering roads are the perfect training ground for road bikers. On any given day, riders make the climb to the summit at 9,500 feet. Mountain bike trails in the Summit neighborhood offer wildflower-filled rides with views that go on for days.

Mountain biking is permitted on Fox Trotter Loop Trail and Quarter Horse Loop Trail.

Road bikers must pre-register with Cordillera here. The bike will have an approved access sticker, affixed to the handlebar or affixed to a plastic ID card carried by the cyclist. Bicyclists need to follow Cordillera rules including wearing a bicycle helmet, obeying posted speed limits, stopping at stop signs, yielding to pedestrians, displaying proper illumination, riding single file and riding in the designated bicycle lanes or as far to the right as possible.


Cordillera is home to an extensive hiking trail system including 21 trails covering more than 33 miles throughout the community and preserved open space with trailhead access to more than a million acres of national forest wilderness.

These maintained private trails (PDF) give hikers the freedom to explore Cordillera’s mountainside terrain without crowds. Join an organized hiking group to meet new friends and look for community hikes to get familiar with Cordillera trails. Visit the community calendar during the summer months for dates and times of the community hikes.

Horseback Riding

You feel a million miles removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life when you're on a trail ride in the Rocky Mountains. The team at Indian Summer Outfitters brings their experience and attitude for adventure on each ride. 

Based at Bearden Homestead and Bearcat Stables, where horses have grazed for a century, the Cordillera Metro District has partnered with Indian Summer Outfitters to provide 1- to 6-hour single-day rides or extended-day adventures into the backcountry (including the infamous Vail to Aspen trip). 

This truly unique parcel of land dates back generations and is a special place. The history of the Squaw Creek valley has been safeguarded by the Cordillera Preservation Society. The cabins at Bearden Homestead date from the 1920s and 1930s. Historic photos adorn the walls illustrating the history of of the homestead. 

Horseback riding is permitted on Arabian Loop Trail, Get-A-Long Trail and Zinn/Yordi Trail.

For more information contact the stables at 970-376-4647.

Dog Park / Town Park 

The Cordillera Dog Park provides a safe, fenced area for running, fetching and meeting other furry friends. Residents hold Yappy Hours each week during the summer - a special time for throwing the ball or frisbee, while enjoying a glass of wine.

A full-court volleyball and half-court basketball, bocce ball and horseshoe area are also available.


Cordillera’s alpine environment, diverse from the valley floor to the summit, provides gardeners with ample opportunity to watch their handiwork blossom. 

Flowers thrive in the mountain air. Many homeowners have extraordinary gardens and landscapes that brighten up the community. Vegetable garden plots are available for Cordillera property owners and are located at the Town Park. The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail, the best of its kind, offers gardening expertise and classes to help property owners make the most of their altitude and unique landscaping opportunities.