Horseback Riding: Bearcat Stables

Group horse back ride

Trail riding throughout the Rocky Mountains is an experience like no other. You feel a million miles removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The team at Indian summer Outfitters brings their experience and attitude for adventure on each ride. 

Based at Bearden Homestead and Bearcat Stables, where horses have grazed for a century, the Cordillera Metro District has partnered with Indian Summer Outfitters to provide 1- to 6-hour single-day rides or extended-day adventures into the backcountry (including the infamous Vail to Aspen trip). From December to April, Indian Summer Outfitters at Bearcat Stables offers sleigh ride and dinner services Wednesday through Saturday. It's a truly magical experience like no other. 


This truly unique parcel of land dates back generations and is a special place. The history of the Squaw Creek valley has been safeguarded by the Cordillera Preservation Society. The cabins at Bearden Homestead date from the 1920s and 1930s. Historic photos adorn the walls illustrating the history of of the homestead. 

For more information contact the stables at 970-376-4647.