Dog & Pet Policy

Cordillera’s Dog and Pet Policy was established in the Cordillera PUD and Wildlife Agreements between Cordillera, the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife and Eagle County. Cordillera dog owners are subject to the following: 
  • Dogs may not be permitted to roam unattended or uncontrolled beyond their owner's property line.
  • All lots on which dogs reside must have a fenced or enclosed area which will limit the dogs' movement from the site. The fence or enclosure is subject to DRB approval.
  • When a dog is not on an owner's property, it must be secured on a leash of 12 feet or less and must be under the direct control of the owner/authorized representative.
  • No more than two dogs are permitted on any lot in Cordillera. Offspring less than three months in age shall be the only exception to this rule.
  • Homeowners shall not feed their dogs and other pets outside their homes, including on decks.
  • Contractors, subcontractors, guests (other than those of a homeowner), visitors, delivery people, etc. are prohibited from bringing dogs into Cordillera, even if the dog(s) would be kept inside a vehicle. All guests of homeowners shall comply with all Cordillera dog control measures.

​Incident Reporting

Eagle County Animal Services is the agency responsible for enforcement of animal regulations. Property owners are encouraged to contact Eagle County Animal Services to report  a dog-related grievance including, but not limited to: barking, waste, roaming, mistreatment, attack and/or bites.  

To file a complaint with Eagle County visit: Completing this form will initiate a record that can be helpful when other issues arise. You can also call 970-328-3647.

Leash Laws

Dogs that are outdoors should be on a leash no longer than 12 feet in length and under direct control of a person. Under no circumstances shall dogs and pets be allowed to run loose and unattended. Loose pets can both chase wildlife and be chased by wildlife. Mountain lions and coyotes live in and around Cordillera and will not differentiate between natural prey and pet(s), no matter how big the pet. Any pets chasing wildlife will be turned over the Eagle County Animal Control or the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.

Off-leash Rules

Cordillera provides a fenced Dog Park on Carterville Road where pets can be off-leash. Pets should have current and proper shots/vaccinations. Responsible pet ownership requires that dogs are properly socialized and trained to be around other dogs and their owners. Owners must clean up after their pets.

On private property, dogs may be kept inside of an enclosed run or inside a fenced yard, if the fence is adequate to contain the dog. Cordillera Design Guidelines require that enclosed runs not exceed 1,000 square feet, must be immediately adjacent to the house and within the building envelope. Cordillera DRB must approve all enclosures and fencing. Property owners should not leave unattended dogs in enclosed runs, fences or on decks because of the nuisance caused by barking. 


Pets should not be fed outdoors as pet food creates nuisance wildlife when it attracts bears and other animals.

Guests with Dogs

Property owner’s guests may bring dogs into Cordillera. Contractors and restaurant patrons are prohibited by the Covenants and Wildlife Agreements from bringing pets into the community or having them in vehicles.

Cleaning Up

Dog owners must always clean up after their dogs.