Open House Sign Policy

The Cordillera Property Owners Association (CPOA) recognizes the necessity of signage in order to assist property owners and the real estate community in selling real estate. Therefore, the CPOA has established the following sign policy that allows signage yet controls the number and the appearance of the signs.

Open House Days and Times

Daily, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Open House Signs

Any property owner or realtor may conduct an "Open House" on a property that is for sale and that is substantially complete. ("Substantially Complete" is defined in the Cordillera Construction Rules and Regulations as, "A residence which (a) is complete to the extent that it contains final floor coverings (e.g., carpet)."

The rules further state that one open house sign may be posted in front of the property while a qualified real estate sales person or property owner is present. (Signs posted in windows inside the property are not allowed at any time.) The sign may not display any realtor information, logos or other identification and, must be removed at the end of the open house event. The sign may have no balloons, flags or other devices used to attract attention. Cordillera Public Safety reserves the right to decide if signs are appropriate. There is no requirement to contact DRB to register these signs. If in doubt, please contact the DRB ahead of time.

Open House & Directional Signs

Realtors, not Cordillera Public Safety, are responsible for placing and removing the signs. Realtors are required to use the approved signs and contact the Divide Gate House with 24-hour notice giving day, time and address of the event. The Divide Gate House email is:

Realtors or property owners may leave 8 ½ x 11-inch flyers at the closest gatehouse for distribution for their open house events. Gate staff will distribute flyers and maps to those people who request open house information. Public Safety reserves the right to reject flyers or maps if they contain information beyond that necessary for the open house, or if they are of excessive size or volume. Cordillera Public Safety does not prepare maps or flyers.

Sign Requirements

Sign Template Requirements are as follows:
  • Color: Green PMS 3305C
  • Dimensions: 18 inches high by 24 inches wide Steel Panel Digital Print PMS 3305C
  • Logo: If not using Sign Design in Eagle Vail, please use the Cordillera Metro District for the logo. 
open house sign

Cordillera Sign Policy

The Cordillera Design Review Board (DRB) Sign Policy (Divide 3.2.12, Ranch 4.2.12 or Construction Rules and Regulations 7.02.24) prohibits any signs at any property or lot that advertise a realtor, advertise a property for sale or states that a property is available. This includes any boxes with flyers or pamphlets. The policy makes no differentiation as to whether the sign is posted by a realtor or a property owner with the exception of  "Open House" signs. You may reference Cordillera Construction Rules and Regulations or Cordillera Design Review Guidelines for additional information.

Helpful Resources

If in doubt about this policy, or, for further information, please email the Divide Gatehouse or call them at 970-926-2335.