Cordillera property owners each receive one 90-gallon bear resistant trash container and one recycling container. Property owners who desire more than one container may purchase them from Vail Honeywagon. All containers that will be at the street with trash and garbage MUST be bear resistant containers. Recycling containers are not required to be bear resistant.

Additional trash outside of the one container is subject to additional charges. Examples include lawn debris, bags of trash, appliances, construction material, carpet, etc.

Bear Resistant Containers

Cordillera and Eagle County have imposed regulations addressing how trash and garbage are handled in order to protect people and the wildlife. Any form of feeding wildlife, whether intentional or unintentional, is prohibited. This includes trash, pet food, bird feeders or compost piles. Cordillera's trash regulations aim to prevent bears from using trash as a food source and creating potentially dangerous encounters between bears and humans.


Cordillera's regulations refer to Bear Proof and Bear Resistant Containers. A bear proof container is any container that a bear cannot access, typically a steel container with a lid that can be secured. Any garbage or other food source left outdoors, except for the day of trash pickup, such as at construction sites, must be stored in bear proof containers or enclosures.

A bear resistant container is designed to restrict a bear's access to a trash container, but given enough time and energy, a bear will get in. Bear resistant containers must be used when garbage is at the curb. Lids must be closed and properly secured.

Contact Public Safety at 970-926-2335 or Vail Honeywagon at 970-476-3511 for repairs to lids and latches.

Community Dumpsters & Recycling

The CPOA administers Community Dumpsters and Recycling for property owners who cannot use the scheduled pickups or who have extra garbage/recycling that needs disposal.  Community dumpsters are not for construction debris, landscaping debris of hazardous materials or chemicals. Community dumpsters are located above the Cordillera Post Office, behind the Cordillera Metro District maintenance facility on the left side of Carterville Road.