Evacuation Information

Should a fire occur, decisions to initiate evacuations will come from the emergency services agencies, including the Eagle County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) and Eagle River Fire Protection District (ERFPD). Notifications to evacuate will be sent through a variety of information and warning systems.  The two sources of public information and warning systems are Eagle County (EC) Alert and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs).  Cordillera property owners are strongly encouraged to sign up for ECAlert.

Notices to evacuate mean people should leave. Neither Public Safety nor the Sheriff's Office has sufficient manpower to visit every property and force people to leave. People who do not leave could be endangering the lives of emergency responders as well as themselves.

In the event of a large-scale emergency within Cordillera or elsewhere in Eagle County, official information will be available at ecemergency.org.


EC Alert is an alert notification system to immediately contact you during urgent or emergency situations with useful information and updates by sending messages to your devices:
  • E-mail account (work, home, school, other)
  • Cell phone, pager
  • Smartphone, PDA, and other handheld devices
  • Land line or VoIP phone
EC Alert is your personal connection to real-time updates, instructions on where to go, what to do, or what not to do, who to contact, and other important information. EC Alert is the primary means of communication for Eagle County emergency services.

EC Alert registration is free. Your carrier may charge you a fee to receive alerts on your wireless device and will not be reimbursed by cities, towns or the County.  People may subscribe to EC Alert by visiting www.ecalert.org

Wireless Emergency Alerts

The Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) notification is a federal system that allows local agencies to send alerts to cell phones in the area, even if they haven’t subscribed to the local EC Alert notification system. WEAs are used to send concise, text-like messages to WEA-capable mobile devices during emergency situations. WEAs can be sent by state and local public safety officials, the National Weather Service, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, etc.

Evacuation Routes

Notices to evacuate will include a description of the evacuation routes and normally allow enough time so that people may use main roads. View evacuation maps


Cordillera Way is the only exit route for the Divide. Expect two-way traffic as fire trucks may be entering. There are no other routes suitable for motor vehicles in or out of the Divide.


Fenno Drive is the primary route for the Ranch, Summit and Territories. Expect two-way traffic as fire trucks may be entering.
Diamond Star Ranch is a secondary route for emergency use only. This is an improved dirt road located on the west side of Summit Trail approximately one half mile above the Summit Fire Station.

Alternative Exits

Alternative exits are for emergency use only if other exits become compromised. Alternative exits are not intended for use by passenger vehicles. Vehicles using alternative routes will be limited to vehicles with proper clearance to assure no vehicles become stuck and block the exit for other vehicles.

Emma's Way

The Emma's Way alternative exit is a dirt road between Emma's Way and West Squaw Creek Road.

Territories Trail

The Territories Trail alternative exit starts at the bottom of the Territories and goes to the old Salt Creek Road off of Brush Creek Road south of Eagle. The top portion of this dirt road is steep and rough.

Golf Course Safety Zones

Golf courses contain many safety zones in the event an exit becomes unusable. Sand traps and greens have little to no combustibles and greens are irrigated on a daily basis.

Red Flag Warnings and Fire Weather Watch

Fire Weather Watch

 Alerts land management agencies to the high potential for development of Red Flag criteria (see below) in the next 12-72 hours. The  watch may be issued for all, or portions of a fire weather zone or region. Areas impacted by the event will be listed.
 Residents should consider avoiding any outdoor activities that may produce open flames, sparks or heat in outdoor areas during Red  Flag periods. Fire Weather Watches often evolve into Red Flag Warnings.

Red Flag Warning

 Informs land management agencies of the imminent or actual occurrence of Red Flag conditions. A Red Flag Warning will be issued  when there is high confidence that Red Flag criteria will be met within the next 24 to 48 hours, or when those criteria are already being  met or exceeded. A warning may be issued for all, or portions of a fire weather zone or region. Zones impacted by the event will be  listed within the Red Flag Warning. 

Red Flag Warnings mean that high winds and dry conditions could cause fire activity to become a large-scale event. Drought and dry conditions warrant special attention from everyone in order to prevent fires and serve as early warning to residents to be prepared to evacuate.

Please report any suspicious or unsafe activities or signs of fire to Public Safety at 970-926-2335. In an emergency, always call 9-1-1.