Snow Removal Plan

District Snow Plowing

Cordillera Metro District's Community Operations team maintains the roads throughout the community. During the winter season, snow removal personnel are on duty seven days a week prepared to plow when there is a half-inch (.5 inches) or more of snow accumulation on the roads or if icy conditions exist.

Road Clearing Order

Upon dispatching plow crews, all primary roads (Fenno, Cordillera Way, Settlers Loop to Summit Trail, Summit Trail to Gore Trail, Gore Trail to Summit Clubhouse and Summit Trail to Webb Peak) will be cleared, followed by the secondary roads (roads that intersect with a primary road) then common drives and parking areas. Snow plow operators will then return and widen all roads to full width starting with the primaries.

On clear days, crews will remove snow pack and ice build-up from shaded areas and sand as needed.

As Reminders

  • Please slow down and give snow plow trucks ample space to maneuver freely. These large vehicles cannot slow down, stop or turn as quickly as cars and trucks.
  • Homeowners and residents are responsible for maintaining their own driveways and parking areas following a snowstorm.
  • Hired snowplow drivers are required to fill out the registration form, obtain a snowplow permit from the Administration Building and display the service sticker in their vehicle window.
  • Snow may not be plowed or shoveled into the public right-of-ways. Snow piles must not obstruct line-of-sight, traffic flow or access to fire hydrants and cleared spaces around hydrants must be maintained.
To report an unsafe condition, contact the Divide Gatehouse at 970-926-2335.