Gate Access

Access for the Cordillera Community is through gate houses located at the Divide and the Ranch. Both gatehouses have similar operations and use the same access devices.

Cordillera gatehouses have two entry lanes and one exit lane. The right entry lane at the gatehouses is for property owners with electronic devices called transponders. All other traffic, including property owners who do not have transponders, is asked to use the left lane closest to the gatehouses. 

Please slow down when approaching and driving through all gates as there are two lanes of merging traffic.  Gatehouse staff frequently crosses one or both lanes when assisting contractors, truck drivers or property owners. 

Gatehouses are staffed from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and closed between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. After-hours access for those who do not have access devices is provided through telephone call boxes located adjacent to the gatehouses on the inside lanes. Guests can use call boxes to contact public safety patrol, which can then provide remote access through the gates.  Public Safety patrols operate 24 hours a day. To expedite access at all times, especially at night when the gatehouses are closed, property owners should have transponders. 

Access Devices

Cordillera uses windshield transponders, license plate readers and eGo stickers.  The type of device a property owner uses depends on user preference. Transponders and license plate readers are $40 to purchase; the eGo stickers are $25 to purchase and must be installed by CMD personnel. 
Property owners will need to provide year, make, model, license plate number, contact information and emergency contact information on the application.

Contact Public Safety at 970-926-1923 or visit the Administration Building at 408 Carterville Road for new or replacement gate access devices.  

Call Boxes

Call boxes, for after hour access of guests, are located alongside the inside lane adjacent to the gatehouses.

Troubleshooting Transponder Issues

Windshield​ Transponder

Cordillera automatic gate systems communicate via radio frequency (RF) from the reader at the gate, through the vehicle’s windshield, to the transponder inside of the vehicle. This system is used at many gated communities and public toll highways. As the signal must pass through the windshield, the type of windshield and electronics in the vehicle may interfere with this process.  

Windshields utilize treatments such as UV protection, polarization and metal tinting. Some of these treatments, such as metal tinting, which is actually metal particles in the glass, may reflect the RF signal from the transponders. Some manufactures leave a spot in the windshield blank so that RF devices may communicate without interference. Owners should consult their owner’s manual or contact their dealer to locate these spots.  

Vehicle electronics, such as rain sensors, night vision assist and radar detectors, may interfere with the RF signal, especially when used in conjunction with special windshield treatments. Some manufacturers designate a spot in the windshield for RF devices. It is Public Safety's experience, in both situations, that the blank spots do not always work.  

Transponders may be tested by holding the device outside of the vehicle. If the device works outside of the vehicle, but not when behind the windshield, something in your vehicle is creating interference and you should use a license plate transponder.  

Windshield transponders have batteries that do not last forever. If you hold the device outside of the window, and it still will not open the gate, the battery may have stopped working. Make sure it is horizontal. 

License Plate Transponder
License plate transponders, which are mounted on the front license plate, away from the windshield and electronics, work best in these scenarios. Vehicles that must utilize a license plate device include Mercedes, Land Rover and Bentley.   

Other Transponders
Many property owners have multiple transponders from other gated communities and toll roads. Sometimes these other devices create issues because the system is trying to read these devices at the same time it is trying to read the Cordillera devices. In these situation it can be helpful if the other devices are removed or covered.