Trails Management


Cordillera is home to 33 miles of summer hiking trails including 9.5 miles on the Divide, 14.6 miles on the Ranch, and 9 miles at the Summit. Many of these trails adjoin and enter the White River National Forrest  and Bureau of Land Management extending through thousands of acres of open space, native pine and aspen forests, sprawling meadows and traverse crystal mountain streams. Community Operations maintains the trail system by clearing debris, fixing bridges, and ensuring proper signage in both summer and winter.
  • All trails are open for hiking and snowshoeing and some permit equestrian riding and biking.
  • Biking is permitted on Fox Trotter Loop Trail and Quarter Horse Loop Trail.
  • Horseback riding is permitted on Arabian Loop Trail, Get-A-Long Trail, and Yin/Yordi Trail. 
  • No unauthorized motorized vehicles are permitted on any trail.
  • Trails are subject to closure for maintenance and wildlife protection.