CPOA Election

Notice of Call for Nominations

Property owners are hereby notified that the Cordillera Property Owners Association ("Association") is currently seeking nominations of Owners desiring to be a candidate for the position of director on the Association's Board of Directors ("Board"). Any Owner may nominate himself or herself as a candidate for the position of director by personally delivering or mailing via U.S. Mail the Nomination Form and a candidate biography to the Association's office at 0408 Carterville Road, Cordillera, Colorado 81632; by fax at 970-926-5577; or by email at tstowell@cordillerametro.org. The deadline for submitting a Nomination Form and candidate biography is 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 3, 2018. To allow Association staff adequate time to prepare the ballots, there shall be no exceptions to these deadlines.

The election of directors to serve on the Association's Board shall be held at the Owner's Annual Meeting scheduled for Friday, August 17, 2018. One director seat is open for a three-year term expiring in August 2021. The candidate receiving the most votes shall be elected to serve a three-year term.

The Board has determined that Owners may select one of three options to vote for directors this year: in person at the Annual Meeting; by secret ballot sent via U.S. mail; or by electronic online voting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tracy Stowell, office manager, at 970-569-6253 or tstowell@cordillerametro.org.

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    Tracy Stowell

    Executive Coordinator
    Phone: 970-569-6264