Cordillera Skier Shuttle

skier shuttle

The skier shuttle was popular in the 2019-20 ski season. Dates of service for winter 2020-21 are to be determined. The shuttle runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the Cordillera Post Office to Vail and Beaver Creek. Reservations are required.

Shuttle FAQs:

Who can ride the shuttle?
-Cordillera Property Owners and their in-residence guests can ride the shuttle. 

How many people can I bring?
-Including the primary property owner/s, no more than six (6) people from any given property. Groups larger than six (6) can call morning of to see if there is additional availability.

How do I sign up?
-Contact Peak 1 to make reservations at 970-724-7241. Those making reservations will be asked for their contact information including Cordillera address.

Who pays for the shuttle? 
-Shuttle is complimentary to its riders and is paid for by the Cordillera Property Owners Association.

Where does the shuttle pick up and drop off?
-Shuttles depart from the Cordillera Post Office at 360 Carterville Rd. The bus services both Vail and Beaver Creek Vail drop-offs are Hansen Ranch Road in Vail Village, Arrabelle in Lionshead (by request.) Beaver Creek drop-off is at the Vilar.

What do I do if I miss the bus back to Cordillera?
-Cordillera or Peak 1 are not responsible for “missed” shuttles or for providing alternate transportation.