Summer Hiking & Cordillera Hiking Challenge

Cordillera has over 32 miles of hiking trails within this beautiful community and this is the summer to check them all off your list! Join Aubrey Lewis throughout the summer to tackle each trail or hike them on your own with friends and neighbors. The challenge started Monday, June 15, and continues through the summer. Download or print the hiking checklist and check out the Cordillera Summer Trail Map. She will also be doing a few off campus hikes throughout the summer so keep your eye out for those.

Want to track your mileage and elevation of your hikes? Join our Cordillera Hiking Challenge 2020 on the Strava app. Simply download the app and search for Cordillera Hiking Challenge 2020 under Clubs. Hit ‘Record’ before you start your hike and ‘Finish’ when you are done. You can see others hikes that have joined the club and give them kudos on their activities. It makes for friendly competition and a great way to keep track of any type of physical activity.

To sign up for hikes please make reservations up to two days in advance by selecting Recreation Reservations. There are ten spots available for each hike.

For questions and how to set up the Strava app, please contact Aubrey Lewis at 303-909-9499 or

Happy Hiking!Sunset panorama New York Mountains