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Emergency Information Survey


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Emergency Contact Information
  3. 3. Emergency Access
  4. 4. Emergency Situation Release
  5. 5. Medical Information
  6. 6. Vehicle Information
  7. 7. Service Contractors
  8. 8. Communications
  • Step One

    1. Introduction

      As we shape Cordillera Public Safety’s service model and essential functions to enhance gate security, emergency preparedness and communication, we ask that you take a few minutes to provide critical contact information for yourself, your family and for those who provide services to your property. This information will used for official communication needs to ensure proper response and notifications especially during incidents that could impact your property, your neighborhood or the whole community.

      The information obtained will not be shared or publicized except for Cordillera Metro District and Cordillera Property Owners Association related uses and as related to any emergency response.

      For those who own more than one Cordillera property, please complete the form for the primary residence as well as any residence that is occupied either with long term or short term renters so that public safety can reach and assist tenants in an emergency. For those who own lots in addition to the residence, the form only needs to be completed for the primary residence.

      Please complete the following survey with as much detail as possible. Before you begin, compiling the following items will speed the process:

      • Phone numbers and email addresses of those who inhabit your residence
      • Lease information including contact information of tenants
      • Information on your security system such as the alarm codes and alarm company contact information
      • Gas shut off, water main and electrical panel locations
      • Vehicle information including year, make, model and license plate number
      • Service contractor names and contact information i.e. property manager, landscaper, snow plow contractor, cleaning service, window washer, pool service contractor, etc.

      Note: Creating an account on the website is not necessary to complete the form.

      Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation. Your participation is vitally important to enhancing public safety and communication.

    2. Property Owner Information

    3. Neighborhood

    4. Enclave Neighborhood

    5. Residency

    6. Is this lot vacant?

    7. Please list additional owners.

    8. If this property is owned by a LLC., partnership or trust, please name the entity.

    9. Do you own multiple properties in Cordillera?

    10. Please list other Cordillera property addresses in the following format: 408 Caterterville Road, 327 Settlers Loop.

    11. Contact Information

    12. Occupant Information

      Please list persons other than the property owner(s), such as dependents, care takers or tenants, who reside in the home.

    13. Please list the names of additional occupants.

    14. Tenant Information

      If tenant is selected above, please provide lease information.

    15. Other Information

    16. Club at Cordillera Members

    17. Trailer Parking

    18. Fishing Pass Holder

    19. Equestrian Center Boarder